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The metals in your phone could land us in deep water

Stillness. Stillness and balance until… humans. Deep sea environments have become specially adapted over millions of years to take advantage of the darkness and undisturbed nature of the world 3 miles deep. But then humans, inevitably, arrived to disrupt the peace. At first, it was the low…

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Marine protection or government deception?

UPDATE: a few hours before the release of this the government announced that they are actually going to actually ban bottom trawling in 14,000sqkm of U.K. waters, including Dogger Bank which is referred to in this piece. This is an excellent step forward and a lot…

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Why the Paris Agreement isn’t just for Parisians

Rapid temperature increases, driven by carbon dioxide emissions put Earth systems out of balance. This is why we are seeing extreme weather events and rates of extinction on scales greater than ever before. It is not a problem to be solved overnight, or even by a…

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I’m Emilia, a Marine Biology student, currently studying with the University of Exeter in Cornwall. I’m incredibly passionate about communicating science in a realistic yet inspiring, hope-filled way. When I’m not winding up my dog or cats you can find me taking on challenges or at the beach.

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